Information About the Laser Cutting Process

There are a variety of people who use laser cutting, but typically it is those who are involved with industrial manufacturing. It is also popular among various artists, small businesses, and hobbyists. The most intricate designs and shapes can be cut with accuracy due to the incredible amount of control. The laser leaves smooth edges as well.

Boss Laser uses this sophisticated technology to cut a wide range of metal materials. This helps to add value to their clients’ projects. Here is some additional information about the process.

How Does Laser Cutting Work?

The process of industrial laser cutting entails directing the output of a high-power laser towards a material, like sheet metal, plates, piping, or even non-metallic materials. The design or pattern that will be cut is programmed into a computer and implemented by the computer numerical control machine. This regulates many parameters to improve cut quality. One parameter that is used is the distance between the laser nozzle and the material, which has a great amount of influence on the accuracy of the cut.

What is a Laser?

The word laser is actually an acronym for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. The beam consists of high-intensity light of a single wavelength, usually infrared. The light is invisible to the naked eye and is amplified through a resonator and directed through a series of small mirrors. This is also called a beam path. Eventually, the light beam reaches the material being used and it melts, burns, or vaporizes that material. This is then blown away from the kerf by compressed gas, like oxygen or nitrogen.

What Do People Make Using the Process?

The process is typically used to make custom business signs, fabricate consumer products, and to add barcodes to packaging. So, professional sign companies, graphic designers, creative agencies and people in the manufacturing industry have various uses for laser cutting and engraving.

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