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How to Keep Safe During a Dust Storm

If you experience a dust storm, you will know how dangerous and even deadly this condition is. And usually, it is zero visibility during a dust storm and this makes it very difficult to see anything while driving. Accidents almost always occur when this is the condition on the road. In many dust storms in Arizona, vehicles have crashed against each other on the highway.

If you want to stay safe, there are many tips that you can follow especially if you find yourself going headlong in a dust storm.

Every now and then dust storms occur. Dust storms are usually experienced in Arizona during the months in between May and September. The most intense dust storms on the road is experienced during the late summer months or during the monsoon.

During a dust storm, you cannot see anything on the road, and so it become very dangerous and deadly to drive through it. Raging dust storms or haboob are almost always experienced in between Tucson and Phoenix in Arizona. The velocity of the dust storm as it travels across the desert is 50 to 60 mph.

If you see dust storm ahead, then you should be extra careful when you drive. You need to practice safe driving habits you don’t hit other vehicles or crash onto a large tree.

If the dust storm is very severe, you should not continue driving on the highway, reduce your speed and carefully drive off the highway. When you are out of the paved portion of the roadway, you should turn off your lights so that the cars that are following you do not follow you off the road and hit your vehicle. It is important to stay in your car and let the dust storm pass before going back on your way on the highway. Seek for shelter if you are not riding a vehicle during a dust storm.

Keep your car radio on while waiting for the dust storm to subside off the highway with your lights turned off. If possible, if you are on a freeway, leave the freeway at the next exit ramp. If you are going back to the road way make sure that the visibility is at least 300 feet. Usually, heavy rains follow a dust storm. If the dust storm is still a distance away from you, immediately exit the roadway.

If you keep these tips in mind, you will be kept safe in the event that you are driving through the Arizona deserts and find a dust storm approaching. If you know these safety tips, you can pass it on to those who are unaware so if they happen to be in these places and meet a dust storm, they would know what to do.

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